13th January 2014

GNUstep Binary Packages

What is GNUstep?

GNUstep is a free, object-oriented, cross-platform development environment that strives for simplicity and elegance. GNUstep is based on and strives to be completely compatible with the Cocoa specification developed by Apple (Previously NeXT Software, Inc.).

GNUstep can, currently, allow you to build applications on GNU/Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, Solaris and any POSIX compliant UNIX based operating system.

In addition to the GNUstep core, this release provides a GNUstep-based file manager and desktop, together with a number of GNUstep-based applications for developers and general users.

For further information, see the GNUstep.org web-site:


GNUstep Virtual Machine

A complete Virtual Machine, including a basic set of GNUstep packages, is available in Open Virtualisation Format (OVF).

No matter whether you run Windows, Macintosh or Unix/Linux; if you have virtualisation software — such as Virtual Box, VMware or QEMU-KVM — you can download this fully functional, pre-configured system, with a built-in GNUstep environment, and start using it straight away.

This system is designed primarily for software developers. It aims to provide both a user-friendly graphical interface, through GNUstep, and a powerful, sophisticated underlying tool-set, mainly through command-line tools.

The pre-release version 0.9.6 of the Virtual Machine is available for download from:


(This supersedes the previous version 0.9).

GNUstep RPM Packages for openSUSE Linux

Binary RPM packages are available in a repository.

If you use openSUSE, you can easily install the binary packages using the YaST2 tool. They provide you with a quick and painless way of setting up a basic GNUstep environment that you can evaluate or use as an end-user. No need for time-consuming and problematical source code builds — just click on the button to install them and you're ready to go.

The packages for openSUSE 12.3 are available for download from:


GNUstep Documentation

A User Guide is available for the GNUstep EasyDiff application.


For any queries regarding the builds or packaging, contact me at: <richard@rstonehouse.co.uk>

easier way of obtaining a fully-configured GNUstep environment.

Richard Stonehouse